San Francisco Headquarters

Dedicated to the art of product design for residential and commercial applications.

Product categories consist of indoor and outdoor lighting, tables, bars, vanities, cabinet hardware, as well as other home decor accessories such as mirrors, glassware and fire screens.

Engineering –

Focused on the most powerful 3D CAD technology to capture all aspects of product development and engineering.

Industrial Design –

Using sketches and renderings to create photorealistic previews of your custom fixture.

Our Approach

Material —

Dedicated to the highest quality material. Our business most commonly uses brass, lead crystal, porcelain, and bronze

Fabrication —

Techniques used to fabricate our products include diamond wheel cutting, slip casting, 3D printing, forging, die casting, glass blowing, CNC milling and lathe, hand polishing, chemical etching and finishing

Team —

Our designers have over 30 years of experience creating solutions for both residential and commercial applications all over the world

Client First —

Working tirelessly to deliver customized solutions

Technicality —

We offer the strongest software modeling and rendering capability to provide natural product representations

Range —

Our consultancy does not just stop at home accessories. We offer custom product solutions inside and outside the home